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I’m Jacques 🥼
—The International Party Scientist

My awakening. In 100 words.

During multiple international expeditions to study how different people come together, I realized that bringing humans together is my life purpose.

In 2016, while working as a festival medic and studying pharmacology and public health at university, I learnt firsthand about the decline of community and mental health in western culture.

This led me to start researching human well-being.

In my research, my goal was to figure out the formula for igniting human expression, joy, and belonging regardless of circumstances.

On my journey, I brought together more than 10 000 people through 100s of experiences. In 13 countries. Within Fortune 500 companies like Lululemon. For international events with 1000s of guests like Envision Festival (above) and Burning Man. And, of course, in public streets…

But my successes as a facilitator did not translate into a lasting impact.

I was working for clients. I was constantly seeing new faces. I was not able to have an ongoing impact on my participants’ well-being. I was giving people a temporary spark of joy, but I was not igniting the fire within them.

Finally. I realized the power of community.

Building a community around what you love teaching will scale your impact, raise your sense of purpose, and create passive recurring income.

So I started a global network. VYVE—

A nomination-based alliance of facilitators, coaches, and educators who are growing purpose-driven communities about human well-being.

This is our vision.

A culture where real-life, human-to-human contact is prescribed more regularly than any other medicine.

I believe in this because I know that regular human contact is the best preventive for depression, addiction, and suicide.

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VYVE is more than a network, it is a grounded, evidence-based life philosophy that facilitates joy and belonging for everyone that tries it.

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So what are you waiting for? Let’s become masters of—

🌍 marketing and building a purpose-driven community
🤝🏼 facilitating well-being experiences and workshops
⚡ empowering humans to access health and happiness

Jacques W. Martiquet
BSc. Pharmacology

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