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“Belonging is made up of two words: Be Long.”

—Jordan Stallman
VYVE Member, Writer of the best Experience Design newsletter


Refocus back to the purpose of your gathering.

This is the antidote to going off-topic and ramblers. All you have to do is remind people of the purpose of the gathering and create the possibility for discussing the topic at hand another time. “Let’s talk about this afterward.”


Use a blender.

When you blend things, your body absorbs more of the nutrients. Especially, the nutrients in fibrous plants! Alternative—You can also chew more 🍴


Let people participate in their own way.

It’s definitely important to request a commitment from your community members. But, to prescribe how they participate is overkill. Give them options for contributing and benefiting!


Marco Beneteau wrote a guide about the transformational, well-being elevating technique of circling—a form of relating with other humans on an emotional level. Check out his methods and newsletter here.

I am really happy to call Marco a friend. We’re so aligned.


Feedback delivered in a group is powerful.

This Thursday was the last session as a part of the first VYVE Initiation. At the end of the meeting, Phil, one of my greatest allies, encouraged me to open up discussions for feedback as a group. What ensued was an incredible session about the topic of pricing.

People openly said great things about the community I created. Others provided constructive feedback (Thank you Suzy)! I am more excited than ever to implement the feedback and create a more valuable community for facilitators of joy, connection, and wellness!

I felt completely empowered. People believe in what I am creating. I felt it.


Jacques got banned.

During Sophia’s awesome circling exercise, I opened up about a sore spot. I recently got banned from a community…

It really hurt.

It still hurts.

But thanks to Marco and Carmen, I feel empowered to improve my communication skills and prevent it from happening again.

What happened was that I sent everyone in this community a very enthusiastic email asking them if I could follow their blog or Instagram. Apparently, they did not like that and reported it to the community manager.

I was banned for a month before I noticed.

What I learnt was that my energy polarizes people. I AM INTENSE. I speak with passion and certainty. And I reach out to a lot of people. I follow up too. What I concluded is that this community was not meant for me. It was meant for academics… Hypothesis validated ✅

If they had been into me, they would have been very happy I reached out without them asking!


A new BASSY SHUFLLIN Playlist.


Fabian. Founder of the Togetherness Institute.

Kimberly. International Leadership and Organizational Consultant.

Carly Valancy. Networking Specialist and Community-Builder.


Why most intentional communities fail. Article.

The Power of Shared Moments. Book Summary.

Just In Case Learning versus Just In Time Learning. Article.


Write a letter to someone about how much someone impacted your life in a good way.

Remind fellow facilitators you care about their success and well-being.

Be thoughtful—Forward this to them.

Thank yourself for reading this.
Because your body and belonging matter.

Jacques W. Martiquet
The Party Scientist

PS: VYVE has opened its doors again for June 6th. Ask me for the application.