💥Party Science Experiments #16

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  1. Decouple idea creation and idea evaluation.

  2. Don’t be a CAVE person: Citizen against virtually everything.

Kimberly Weifling, Global Leadership Consultant, VYVE member



Get people doing it together.

When people do things together, the social risk collapses. This is what I learnt approaching small groups in parks and getting them to dance this weekend. When other people are doing it, our subconscious says its OK.

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Take breaks of divergent thinking.

So often, I work too much IN my business and not ON the business. To interrupt this pattern, I grab my clipboard and brainstorm other things I could be doing in my business. This helps me refocus on what matters.


Cool down your bedroom.

I just ordered a ChiliPad Sleep device which ensures my bed stays at the same temperature all night. In summer, I sleep much worse due to the heat. Sleep hackers all agree: Cool bedroom, sleep that makes you cool 🤣



I learnt that it’s possible to connect with anyone you want.

I did something extreme over the weekend. On Sunday night, I challenged myself. I put on my lab coat, attached a white retractable badge to belt, and set out on my scooter. My objective: Pretend to give out physical distance tickets to people in parks. This was the ultimate test of my facilitation and courage. Could I really do something so crazy, alone?

The first two groups laughed so much. I made their day. They were so into it. When I told them that the only way to avoid the ticket was to dance to “one song, one song only” they all laughed and started dancing to my music. Of course, I had my SOUNDBOKS with me the entire time.

The third group saw me as a pest… they wanted me to go away. They didn’t play along. I felt rejected.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth groups laughed and laughed. They started filming the whole thing. One of the groups even synchronized their dance movements and offered me alcohol.

So what did I learn? Well, I proved to myself that even during a pandemic, you can approach and play with strangers. We can choose to be vibrant and friendly, despite unfavorable circumstances. This is the power of the mind and the power of self-confidence. Both can be trained.


Practice option-creation.

Let’s be real. This week, I got rejected a lot and realized my process for enrolling people into my movement and entrepreneurs organization was not as successful as I thought. It wrecked my motivation. But it led me to practice option-creation.

Option-creation is when you generate new, divergent options for accomplishing your objective. Instead of accepting the default options, you create new ones. For me, this practice looked like evaluating all the different approaches to connecting with human connection professionals: Cold-email, blogging, referral partnerships, and facebook automation.

After seeing all the options visually, you can get an outsider’s view. You can look at the process and decide which systems need tweaking. For me, I realized that I was asking for people to get involved in VYVE before they trusted or liked me. Again, before making any ask, your customer should like, trust, and know you.

In response to this realization, I created a new customer journey—I brainstormed about all the ways that I could add value to human connection pros through my blog, VYVE, and connections.

I practiced option creation again for VYVE’s session design. And I came up with a “response menu” for participants to choose from. People like choice. Now, the session for VYVE can give people whatever they need! They choose.


Edric, CEO of Warmspace, wants to make intimacy readily accessible anytime, anywhere. His technology promises to be the Insight Timer for human connection.


Seven Principles for Peer Empowerment. Article.


Brian Stout, Creator and Curator of Building Belonging.

Riley Drever, Co-Founder of Authentic-Relating Go.

Edric Subur, Growth-Junkie and CEO of Warmspace.io.


Hold eye contact while telling someone you love them.

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Don’t forget, your body and belonging matters too, be-you-tiful.

—Jacques W. Martiquet, The International Party Scientist

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