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🎈 Social Autopilot, Spectacles, & Discomfort

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🎈 Social Autopilot, Spectacles, & Discomfort

(Below is the free edition) I led a bike rave, designed a corporate virtual workshop, attended a surprise birthday party, and threw a party on a ski hill.

Listen to learn…

  1. How to warm people up at your event.

  2. Why creating a sense of discomfort is good.

  3. How to bring people together through spectacles.

ONE QUOTE — Social Autopilot

From my latest article: Social Autopilot… You’ll see if in your inbox soon.

If you want to experience the deepest form of love and joy from human connection, you must increase your social awareness. You must learn to identify your social autopilot taking charge and retake control!


This is a technique to demonstrate your attunement to others and encourage them to share more — often vulnerability. It’s a guess at what’s going on for them.

Say “I’d imagine you’re feeling _____ or thinking _____. Is that right?”

It’s a tentative assumption about the person you’re with. If you’re correct, it fosters social bonds and understanding. If you’re wrong, you better understand the person.

ONE RESOURCE — Gathering Nerdery

I have launched a new newsletter for gathering geeks — people who love to host gatherings. Check it out.

Your attendee experience is out of your control.

What predicts it the most?

How your attendees approach and treat each other.

You can nudge them to behave differently... but you cannot control how they socialize and build relationships with each other. This you must accept.

If your attendees are anti-social, you won't be able to change them... accept this…

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