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🎈The Critical Characteristic of Healthy Relationships

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🎈The Critical Characteristic of Healthy Relationships


I was interviewed by Global News, I hosted a biohacking meetup, I presented about foot health, I went out dancing with my family (lol)…

Listen to learn…

  1. How to find out someone’s values, why they don’t matter

  2. The difference between toleration & judgement

  3. How to pass the torch and allow others to lead

  4. The underrated science of strong feet

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One fact.

Humans are unpredictable creatures.

One truth.

Life might be a lot better if you embraced this fact and didn't react.

If you didn't react to their irrational reactions, actions, and words.

If you didn't react when they didn't live up to your expectations.

If you didn't react when they hurt you.

This is the practice of interpersonal surrender. You may be familiar with this term, surrender. It was popularized in the book, The Surrender Experiment. The essence of surrender is going with the flow, and not resisting what arises in your moment. This lack of resistance applies to your circumstances and thoughts too…


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