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Principles from Allies

Fall in love with your customer’s problem, not your solution.

—Tom Fortes Mayer, Founder of Freemind

You can reach out to anyone you want. You can do anything you want. Just take action consistently.

—Henry, Multi-Versatile Entrepreneur and Traveller

From my experience, it all boils down to delivering the highest value and empowering the receivers to talk about it.

—Myriam, when asked how she’s growing her Facilitator Community

Insider Invitations

SUMMER CAMP—Virginia, the CEO of Humans I Trust, and The Party Scientist are co-hosting a transformational adult summer camp experience in Colorado, July 15-19. There will be human connection games, adventures, morning routines, nature bathing, and more.


Stories, Lessons, and Fails


Give context—Explain what’s in it for them.

Giving context about the experience before, during, and after facilitation reinforces participation and impact.

Recently, I showed up at a random gathering at Santa Monica beach. My friend @Jeremytalkstostrangers and I were practicing our social reps, as he likes to call them. In other words, we were practicing making a fool of ourselves in public to exercise our tolerance for discomfort. So, I decided that I should party crash this larger Acro Yoga gathering at the beach. It would be the ultimate test of my facilitation ability.

In a slight gap in the music, I got on the mic: “Excuse me. Sorry. Stop. Attention. We got a certified party crash requested at this location. Can we have you raise one finger in the air and point it at someone you love? We’re going to sing a song together.”

You see, I failed to introduce myself. I failed to explain my mission. I failed to tell people about my intentions. It still worked… the whole crowd was singing together in the end. But man, the potential was greater.

I could have created a stronger connection with my guests if I had given more context, on my intentions, my credibility, my values, and my rituals. Who is this guy, what is he doing, and what does he stand for?

Next time I do a party crash to practice my facilitation abilities, I’ll be sure to include those things.


Speak to your customer’s mental and physical symptoms.

This is about optimizing the message-market fit—the language you use to sell your product. Mention frustrations, pains, and worries your customer actually experiences. Move away from theory and toward symptoms.

I worked in a public library for 5 hours yesterday. During my peaceful work session, I had a phone call with a mentor. We discussed the marketing mastermind he participated in for 3K.

Together, we explored how he shifted how he communicates his value proposition. Instead of emphasizing the methods for his work, he now emphasizes the pain points of his niche—recurring thoughts they experience, patterns the customer has adopted, beliefs and feelings associated with their situations, and aspirations. Often a great way to communicate all of this is through story.

After resonating with your copy, they want confidence that your method will work for them. So, share your methodology after empathizing with them. First, have them nodding their head: “This is me. This is my problem. This is how I feel. This is how I want to change.”

After they resonate with you and know that you ‘get’ them, that’s when it is time to share the features, benefits, and program specifics. Get specific about exactly what they’re getting and how it will address their pains.

In the case of VYVE, the pains of human connection professionals surface in the form of these thoughts and feelings.

  • I am exhausted and feel like I am constantly grinding.

  • I don’t know how to brand and market my human connection biz.

  • It’s difficult for me to create a livelihood around what I love.

I suggest you make a list as well!


You have 3 hours each day to stretch.

When you’re on the phone. When you’re waiting in line. When you’re having a conversation in the living room. When you’re on a zoom call. These are all opportunities to stretch. The less tension in our bodies, the more joy and connection can emerge. The clearer we can think.

I have been practicing this recently. Getting in the habit of stretching when I can. It leads me to walk more smoothly, sleep more peacefully, and dance more erratically. Especially, neck stretches have reduced my stress.

I begin every VYVE session with stretching and movement. It changes people’s neuro- and bio-chemistry. In as little as five minutes. I get different community leaders to lead the stretch too. It’s just the right level of weirdness that creates a sense of permission in the room.

Stretching improves postures, reduces injury, increases our physical performance, and… raises attractiveness.


Tom Fortes Mayer is a mentor of mine and a revolutionary self-sabotage specialist. I just jumped off the phone with him and felt so empowered. His training is a hidden deal on the internet—designed for those who want to upgrade their minds and relationships with themselves.

I READ—Trust in America

The Decline of Trust in America. Atlantic.

Trust isn’t a virtue—it’s a measure of other people’s virtue.


Amy Giddon, CEO of Daily Haloha, a Global Gratitude App

Juno Parlange, CEO of Avalon Well-Being Academy.

Natasha Figueroa, Course Manager, Authentic Relating Training

Mia Magik, Founder of Witch School and Spirit Coach



I want to challenge you to not eat for 24 hours. Train your mind and boost your metabolic flexibility. I did it for 60 hours.


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