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Principles I Learnt from Allies

Too much structure can hinder collective emergence—when the participants start to shape the experience in unimaginable ways.

—David Weber, Musician, Artist, and Facilitator

Tell your journal first. Then your best friend.

—Vanessa, Author of Captivate, CEO of People School

To silly-fy an audience, first open up their bodies through meditation, vocalization, and movement exercises.

—Phil Santos, Author of the Art of Nightlife

Community is your trampoline out of lulls, dips, and darkness. It lifts you higher than before.

—Scott Simons, CEO of Organika

Insider Invitations for You

If you are the CEO of a human connection business, or you regard yourself as a leader in the human connection movement, please reply to me. I am hosting a CEO Empower-Mind—a modified mastermind that incorporates connection, accountability, and giving.

Reminders: My talk at Creative Mornings is happening on July 11. Link. My adult summer camp is happening July 14-19. Reply.

Stories, Lessons, and Fails


Begin with everyone.

When you start an event or workshop, begin with an activity that everyone participates in. Bring everyone into the same room. Ask for participation. Activate prosociality with a moment of togetherness!

I am currently in San Diego, staying with a fellow experience designer named Jacob. He has been the best host. He’s invited me to men’s circles, kink parties, and outdoor dance events.

Jacob is a DJ. So, together, we designed an opening ceremony for his first-ever kink party… I should pause and tell you that this was a little out of my comfort zone. But, whenever I experience this feeling, it’s my cue to push forward and explore. So, I proposed to Jacob a playlist consisting of sing-a-longs, slow motion inspiration, and sexy dance music.

We began the night together, with me on the mic. I gathered everyone in a circle and we peered into each others’ eyes. Then, we closed them and did a visualization together. Followed by dance and crowdsurf therapy.

When you get everyone in the room doing the same thing, it creates a sense of togetherness. It gives your participants common ground. It makes people feel like they’re a member of the group. Too many events, parties, and conferences begin with lecturing—they lack these moments of togetherness.

During your next session, begin with everyone doing the same thing.


Develop standard operating procedures.

A protocol or checklist that reproduces the same result over and over again. This is a standard operating procedure. They are the foundation for consistent value creation and customer satisfaction. They can also be continually improved as your product/experience improves.

I met with Peter, Co-Founder of the Connection Institute and serial entrepreneur. We talked about the difference between working on the business and working in the business.

Working in the business is doing things manually. It’s having responsibility for everything. It’s failing to delegate. It’s burning rubber. It’s doing without thinking of the most effective way of doing. In summary, it’s tunnel-vision.

Working on the business is setting up systems that duplicate your input. Systems include management structures, standard operating procedures, guidelines, checklists, and automations. Working on the business is about taking an outsider’s view and asking: “What must I do to outsource or automate this responsibility so I can do more important things?”

Working on the business is meta. Meta means a level higher. When we take a meta view, we look at the factors and possibilities beyond the thing at hand. We widen our perspective.

Get meta about your business.


Reset your state of being.

Pauses and resets throughout the day can calm your nervous system. When you identify that you’re worked up, just pause and bring presence to your body. It will pass. Once it passes, you can remind yourself to embody a state of being of service, surrender, and presence.

During a men’s group this week, I shared my spiritual practice. I described how Vipassana, high-dose magic mushrooms with blindfolds on, and 3-day water fasts have led me to huge realizations.

It’s all about your state of being. And the state of being I want to inhabit is one of presence, service, and surrender.

Presence: I want to exist in the now. I don’t want to be thinking of the past or future.

Service: I want to be helping and elevating others, through my peaceful and joyful aura.

Surrender: I want to accept (not resist) the flow of experience. I want to relax into the discomfort of unfortunate and hurtful events.

To remind myself to inhabit this state of being, I monitor myself and reset my body throughout the day. Through exercise, thought, and breath.

Insert Photo of Jacques Resetting.

Podcast I recorded—The Art of Nightlife.

Featuring Phil Santos, community researcher and author. In this episode, we discuss nightlife, and the power of dance and music.


Human I believe in—Kathryn

Kathryn is the Creator of the Radical Listening Project.

“The antidote is for people on all sides of the political spectrum to listen to each other and work together.  Each of us has a role to play in dismantling the wall we've been erecting between us.”


Project I believe in—Hear Me

I am so excited about this app: “We all need someone to talk to. HearMe anonymously connects you with an empathetic Listener in under a minute, 24 hours a day - for free. Take charge of your mental health.”

We are so deprived of empathic listening. And so I have a policy: I try to talk less than the person I am with. I focus on them. It’s fun!


Article I read—Willpower doesn’t work.

Willpower doesn’t work. Book Summary.

If you don’t shape the environment, it will shape you.

Human Connection Pros I researched—

Jason Digges, Founder of ART, Author of Conflict = Energy

Adam Lippin, CEO of Hear Me App, Entrepreneur

Shasta Nelson, Friendship Expert and Keynote Speaker


The Human Connection Challenge
—Thank someone

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