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Principles I Learnt from Allies

Open space helps new things emerge.

Taking extended breaks facilitates disruptive change and revelation, whereas being busy and ‘keeping your head down’ restricts us to incremental change and tunnel vision.

—Katya Stepanov, Facilitator and CEO of the Inheritance Project

As a leader, earn respect, do not expect respect.

Each interaction is an opportunity to show your kindness, compassion, understanding, vision and respect for others.

—Peter Sharp, CEO of the Liberators, Festival Professional

Feeling invisible is a crippling symptom of exclusion. Make people feel seen. Say their name. Acknowledge their presence.

—Mark Shapiro, CEO of Lovebomb.app, Kindness Expert

In operating your business, figure out how to do what you love most, as often as possible, then outsource the rest.

—Jason Digges, Co-Founder of Authentic Relating Training, Author

Insider Invitations for You

Authentic Relating Training hosts free community circles every week. If you would like to explore Authentic Relating as a modality for facilitating human connection, I recommend you attend one!

Stories, Lessons, and Fails


Animate yourself.

Expert facilitators modulate their vibe and permeate it through the space. They use their expression to change the energy of everyone else. They embody and feel the energy they seek to create in the room. They leverage the contagiousness of emotion.

Listen to the recording for the full story.


Forget the business plan. Perform short tests.

Formal documentation is not necessary to iterate rapidly. Market research, competitive analysis, and customer profiling are not as necessary as you think. The best source of data is real engagement with the market. Did the market respond to your test?

Listen to the recording for the full story.


Create cues for movement.

Our bodies are not designed for marathons nor designed for office chairs. Our bodies are designed for constant mild activity. So integrate cues for movement into your day. Walk while on the phone. Do a pushup after brushing your teeth in the morning. Make a list of ‘if, then’ statements.

Listen to the recording for the full story.

Article I wrote
—How to Restore Social Trust.


Human I believe in
—Mark Shapiro, CEO of Lovebomb

Mark believes in spreading a daily connection habit. He spearheaded an app for just that. TEDx speaker, kindness advocate, and entrepreneur.


Project I believe in
—NeverDoneBefore Community

This is THE community for facilitators who want to upgrade their craft and experiment with completely new facilitation techniques. It features a whole gamut of events, like three per week. Check out their calendar and reach out to them to attend an event as a guest.


Podcast I listened to
—November Project Fitness Movement

Brogan Graham is the founder of the November Project, a fitness phenomenon involving strangers, winter months, and community. Learn how the project took flight to 37 cities.


Post I created
—How do you define the good life?

I asked multiple communities about how they define the good life. Read my answer and all the others. Some people got triggered!


Human Connection Pros I researched—

Katya Stepanov, CEO of the Inheritance Project

Peter Kaas, CEO of Relational Spaces in Denmark

Julia Grace, Founder of The Wave Silent Disco


The Human Connection Challenge
—Pose a question to the cashier

This week, I had some terrific, uplifting interactions with staff at Wholefoods and Target. Do you accept the challenge?

Share your experience with me on IG Stories @JacquesMartiquet!

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