Repeat after me & Cuddling 🧪 The Human Connection Lab #32


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—Jacques W. Martiquet, The Party Scientist

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Experiment #32 Abstract 📝 Why Read This.

  1. Get inspired to cuddle more.

  2. Learn the power of call and response.

  3. Explore hidden motives in our selfish brains.

  4. Remind yourself to stay top of mind in your social network.

The Party Scientist’s Life

This weekend, I facilitated a giant cheer at a festival in the middle of the woods. The cheer is called the PARTY cheer. I recommend you use it to lighten up the mood wherever you are 😁

I recently got invited back to Creative Mornings to lead a new session. This one is called “Lead with Fun — Raise Your Fun Quotient.” Register.

Life Lessons, Experiments, and Fails

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Leverage repeat after me.

During a virtual party, I asked everyone to repeat the following phrase: “When you express yourself, I feel permission to express myself.”

When participants repeat a phrase together, it creates a sense of unity. In my case, it also led to a shared community agreement, whereby everyone got on the same page — expression is accepted and celebrated here!

Wisdom of the Week

True experts don’t rely on expertise;
they rely on the effectiveness of their tools.

—Jacques The Party Scientist

Community Builder

Create eligibility criteria.

I had to relaunch my local community recently. I let too many casual community-builders into it. My plan is to relaunch it with strict eligibility criteria. The fewer members, the better! This also applies to curated gatherings. One of my greatest covid lessons: Less is more.

Wisdom of the Week

Pass the torch. Inspire community members to lead rituals.

Get Together Book


Stay top of mind.

On a call recently, I was showing one of my friends how to use an email marketing software. He was sending out an email to 1200 of his contacts. He had not sent out an email to them before.

If he did not send an email, people would have forgotten about him. Because he did, people remembered him. The likelihood of his name popping into their heads increased. This increases referrals. So keep in touch.

Wisdom of the Week

When your product gets good, spend more on marketing.

—Brad Macbeth, Investment and Insurance Advisor, Linkedin

Performance Optimizer

Cuddle more.

Yes, cuddle your friends, your roommates, and your family members. If they are too weirded out, find someone who is open to cuddling. It is good for you. After attending a festival this weekend, I am convinced that cuddling could be prescribed as medicine. I know people who do it professionally too!

Wisdom of the Week

Spend time doing absolutely nothing.

—Charlotte, Women’s Circle Facilitator and Community Builder

Blog—Signalling Impacts our Connections

Humans are programmed to seek out social status through public acts of altruism, kindness, and others. Read more.

Discovery—Waking Up App

If there’s one thing in this world I’d recommend you do to develop your mind and Emotional Intelligence, it’s the Waking Up 28 day meditation course. I have a free month code: CAIN. Redeem here.

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Jacques W. Martiquet
International Party Scientist
BSc. Pharmacology

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