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When you pick up the trash of your guests, you make your role as a facilitator known. You are here to serve them.

— From a conversation with Mark Busse, International Facilitator and Host


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Cultivate trust beforehand.

A good ingredient of priming is the cultivation of trust. Priming is what we do before our experiences. Cultivating trust is what we do to be liked, known, and trusted by our participants. I love sending videos to do this.


Team up.

The entrepreneurial journey is not a solo journey if you are doing it right. Good entrepreneurs partner with synergistic businesses and create win-wins. This is what I realized while studying Adam Grant’s Big Ideas Club.


Check your digestion.

I know, not what you would expect in a newsletter about human connection. But no joke, the quality of your stool says so much about your gut health. And guess what—your gut health is related to your mood and stress. The healthier your gut, the more prosocial you’ll be.



Asking people for advice makes them feel good.

Over the weekend, I hosted a bike ride with my PEAK-XP community. Liven led a pep talk at the beginning about authentic expression. Michael led a ‘jumping like a fish’ warm up. And Magika taught us how to shake our booty.

Following me on my scooter, we swerved through parkades, streets, and underground tunnels. The highlight is always the reaction of the public. They, they just start dancing and cheering. The public space comes alive. People start to express themselves.

As we traveled down the previous nightlife district of Vancouver, the 5-0 pulled up on their own bikes and told me to shut it down. “Is that insured?” they asked. “No.” I said. Then, they told me to walk my scooter as well.

I could have been ticketed threefold: for riding an electric scooter, for playing music at 1030PM, and for leading a bike ride with more than 10 people…

They did not ticket me. Instead, they lectured me about liability, risk, and laws. It was a wonderful interaction and I learnt a lot. I invited the officer to lecture me. I remember explicitly asking: “Please offer me some advice.”

Their response: “This is a great idea, and you’re smart. You can do this right and be an entrepreneur.”

…Already have.


Keep others out.

Lately, I have been reading a seminal book on cooperation by Robert Axelrod. The book explores the prisoner’s dilemma and how to cultivate cooperation among agents with no central authority. One of the keys to promote cooperation is to increase the weight of future interactions. That is, cooperation is more likely to develop with ongoing relationships.

Side note: Maybe this is why the city is a gloomier place. People don’t interact with each other as often, and so they’re more incentivized to defect/cheat one another. The dangers of anonymity, much.

This can be done by increasing the regularity and likelihood of future interactions. In the book, they give the example of suppliers for a business. If you work with a smaller number of suppliers, you will interact with them more regularly. If you work with a larger number, your interactions will be less frequent.

Keeping others out is about concentrating your partnerships with a select few people. Maximizing the number of interactions you have with them so that trust and a norm of reciprocity can develop. This will prevent your collaborators from defecting when you are cooperating.

When we focus on quantity of partnerships/relationships instead of quality, we increase the chance of defection. We reduce the chance for mutual cooperation to develop. If you’re always working with new suppliers/agents/businesses, research says you’re more likely to get cheated.


Teresa, the Business Leader/Executive Coach! Currently, Teresa coaches leaders and executives in companies such as Netflix, FB, and Amazon. I just got off the phone with her as I write this I, and I am more inspired than ever to give! #thespiritualeconomy

I WROTE—How to Design Ecstatic Cathartic Experiences.

How to Design Cathartic, Ecstatic, Communal Experiences


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