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So Jacques…

Why does The Human Connection Lab exist?

Well, it’s not about money. I choose to ask for a commitment to help you commit to self-mastery. To help you develop of habit of reading this.

Here’s the big purpose.

To help leaders give the elixir of life, connection, to more humans!.. so we can reverse the rise of loneliness and depression, together.

I want to help you scale your human connection business, master designing & facilitating experiences, & upgrade your body’s performance.

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The Best From My Lab 💌

Here are some of my un-mainstream principles, based on the 986+ experiences I have facilitated and all my research on social bonding.

The Human Connection Professional Manifesto (ESSAY)

Read this to upgrade your values system, to learn how science defines the good life, and to become a human connection professional.

My Top 10 Tools for Virtual Fun (ARTICLE)

Read this to upgrade your virtual facilitation skills. I share ten of my go-to strategies for designing high-ticket corporate experiences.

Social Norms You Must Liberate Yourself From (PDF)

Learn about the norms that hold you back from giving and self-actualizing fully as a human connection facilitator.

Three Quick Tips For Being A Great Host (VIDEO)

Learn three transformational principles for facilitating better meetings. Hint: It all starts with role-modelling.

Interview: Facilitating Joy and Embracing Failure (PODCAST)

We explore the mechanics of human connection, the softer side of herd mentality, and what we can do to help people open themselves up to shared experiences of joy and connection.

Become a fun-ner leader, facilitator & party starter.

Watch 30-minute F.Q. Tutorial 🎈

Learn a new approach to leadership, facilitation, and happiness. The Fun Intelligence Quotient is like I.Q. and E.Q. But a lot more practical. Why? Because people care how you make them feel. Register here.

Grow your community biz through peer coaching.

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My Mission As The Party Scientist 🥼

I am on a mission to normalize a new health habit prescribed by doctors — human connection! I graduated from pharmacology and gave up on being a doctor after discovering my life purpose was to give the elixir of life (human connection) and empower others to do the same.

Taking the path less trodden, I have become an international joy facilitator for Fortune 500 events, global festivals, and universities. I also educate facilitators and party hosts about fun leadership, or as I like to put it “F.Q. — the Fun Quotient.”

Here’s a fun photo of 9-year-old Jacques.

I wish you an oxytocin-filled day.


Jacques W. Martiquet
International Party Scientist
BSc. Pharmacology

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